Dom Musgrave

Game developer currently working for a company, have been programming games since I was 8 and create indie games, music and art in spare time for fun and profit

Started programming when I was 8 years old, teaching myself C programming from a book. After spending a month figuring out how to "compile" hello world, I started developing text games before learning to make 2D games using Allegro library and C++. Then started using DarkBasic to create some basic 3D games, Actionscript to make some flash games, etc.

Eventually went to university to study computer science, focused on artificial intelligence and computer graphics.

Now, I work as a game developer at a company and make art, music and indie games in my free time.

I like to make weird games, comedy games and horror games. I'm the kind of self-starter nerd that likes to learn new skills, create things, tackle challenging problems and make fart jokes.

The Mystery of Sludge

The Mystery of Sludge

Fast paced 2D platformer beat-em-up about some sludge trying to discover just what sludge is.