Kirk Markarian

Kirk Markarian is an Electronic Music Composer and Sound Designer

Music Composition & Sound Design  

Hi there! My name is Kirk Markarian. I compose electronic music and SFX for video games, with an ever-growing portfolio that can be viewed at Currently, with 16 video games (soundtrack and/or sound design) under my belt, I clearly enjoy working in this particular field. To add to that, I've also composed for several films, animations, licensed music, etc.
Important to note, I create many electronic music styles, including: Cyberpunk, Vaporwave, Chillwave, Retrowave, Synthwave, Ambient, Glitch, Chiptune, etc. I even create analog one-off tracks done on looping cassettes that are noisy and beautifully melodic. These styles can all be heard on my Bandcamp page.
For sound design, I create all of my own sounds via various forms of synthesis or Foley recording, unless otherwise specified. I work quickly for my clients and spend the time to get to know their requirements as I compose their tracks. I stay ahead of schedule for rapid results and speedy turnover. I'm adept at balancing multiple projects.
In between projects, I'm also working on my own video games using Unity/assets/other software. I'm designing the games from storyline to map layout, character animation, soundtrack, and SFX.

Client Letter(s) of Recommendation:

Deep Taiga
Bram van Elderen
Chris Doucette

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23 years composing and designing sound with synthesizers & computers
16 Video Games - Composition and/or Sound Design


Paid: Willing to negotiate, let's discuss!


[email protected] or PM me.

Thank you for taking the time to review my post and portfolio - I look forward to hearing back from you!