Wagner Schmitt

Wagner Schmitt

Wagner Schmitt is a passionate Indie Game Developer and Freelancer Unity Programmer.

About Me

I was first introduced to gaming when I was given an Atari in early 90's. Since then, I grew up to love video games. Some years later also got my hands on the super advanced console (Playstation 1) which made me love video games even more.

The idea of being party of the games industry always motivated me to improve my skills, which lead me to take Computer Science and specialize in Computer Graphics at University. Every opportunity I had to make games I took the chance and got my hands dirty. I have experience with lot's of languages and technologies, but prefer to use Unity3D as main instrument with C#.

From March 2014 to March 2016 I was the lead programmer for the project AES-Risk Perception Simulator. A serious game to train workers in electric energy industry using Virtual Reality (VR). Project developed by the company Nexo in partnership with UFRGS and AESSUL.

In parallel for the last 2+ years I also have been working as an indie developer and published 6 mobile game using Unity3D (Google Play Link). All of them have a 4+/5 rating and were well received. Most of the games were inspired by old NES games that I love so much.

More recently I've been developing games/apps as freelancer in Upworks. My profile link if you want me to contact there.

Today I can say I became a talented programmer and a creative problem-solver, with the ability to quickly pick up and use new languages, tools and software. I'm also very patient and really proud of my organizational skills.

Qualifications Summary

  • Game developer with 2+ years experience developing and publishing mobile games.
  • 2+ years experience developing projects with virtual reality and serious games.
  • Graduated in Computer Science and Master in Computer Graphics and Interaction at UFRGS.
  • Talented Unity3D programmer and creative problem solver with solid OO knowledge and design patterns.

My Capabilities:

  • Tools: Unity3D, Photoshop, Maya.
  • Languages: C#, C++, Java, JS, Python/Django.
  • Version Control: GIT, Plastic SCM.