Game Hero

Frequently Asked Questions

Things you should know about Game Hero website

What is this website?

Game Hero is an online community portal for where game developers can hang out, share their work in progress, post updates, find team mates, find jobs etc. You can think of it as LinkedIn for game developers.

Why would I want to add my games / studio / post anything?

I am investing time and money into promoting Game Hero, and you will get a free ride on this rollercoaster. Stuff you add will be shared (reasonably rarely) by Game Hero in Facebook and Twitter. There will be incoming traffic from paid Facebook ads, Google ads, Twitter ads, Reddit ads (you may be here from one of those ads yourself). And in long term, when community will be flourishing, you will be recognized as early member, and will likely have free privileges for things that may be premium paid features for new members.

Who is building this website and why?

The portal is built by Tomas Varaneckas, who is a part time indie game developer, but has a dream to become a full time one some day. This website exists because of love for game development and web development. The full motivation behind building this can be found in about page.

How can I support the development?

You can become an official Game Hero supporter on Patreon.

Who is invited to join?

Anyone who has anything to do with game development. Also gamers who want to sniff out what their beloved studios are building.

How many users / games / etc do you have?

First, some live stats from database. We have: 89 games, 181 registered users, 27 studios, 72 posts and 13 classifieds. The site has been launched for general public 8 months ago (on February 18, 2017).

Where do I post feature requests, bugs and criticism?

You can do this by posting to /r/gamehero on Reddit, by tweeting to @GameHeroOrg on Twitter, or by sending email to feedback [at] gamehero [dot] org. If you are signed in, you can do it via direct message.