Casus Belli

Free to play turn based browser strategy game.

Good day

I'm programming a non-commercial web browser turn based strategy game. Current page is

Here you can see a video of an older version

About game, turns occur every 8 hours and players set up 4 actions that will all be performed simultaneously. Actions include invade, spy, recruit, research and so on. Games last 60 turns and afterwards top 3 in ranking land enter hall of fame. To obtain land players can explore, attack, cast spells... There are many features like specialists that provide passive bonuses to the kingdom, blackmarket that contains items that provide bonuses to game stats, unique relics that provide strong unique bonuses, 5 types of devotion (aka magic) with 9 rituals (aka spells) each with defined personality, in-game message system, guild system with unique bonuses that affect all guild players and so on... New features are implemented often since I'm using this as a learning tool.

Unlike other web games you don't need to be 24/7 controlling what happens and you can place 2-3 times a day just 5-10 minutes. Yet, game is deceivingly deep and allows different strategies.

I just need more players for balancing, debugging and testing.