Guild GO Alpha

GPS MMORPG with turn-based battle system.Small gameplay Footage of the game.

Hello, we are indie developers who want make own MMO with GPS system location. Similary to Pokemon GO, but with dungeon and raids to bosses. And want to create in the game users can make "own quests". Like the Billboard in the guild's and tavern. In future we like cooperate with bars and cafe, and in "tavern" you can get interesting quest with dragon slaying and saving princess, and it actually in real life. It will be like, some lonely girl want to talk somebody and she "quested" in guild "somebody help me with dragon" and all of gamers can see it, some can send her the message with to apply her request. And she agree with at or not. And this quest will be rewarded with money or other or not. Yeah it will be like freelance stock, but i want make it more funny and interesting. Sorting quests for fun, and solving problems. So about me the iniciator. I'm family man with wife and daughter, waiting for another one. And in this world i want create new our alternate world similary to Anime serials, where you can be "superhero", "villain" or someone else. Make hundred of Waifus in your party and be in real life family man with one real wife. Solve others people problems for fun. So there our pre-alpha Gameplay footage: And there APP, right now it's only for Android devices. Your comments negative or positive really priceless to us. It's depends to our developing. And we want release the game in Indiegogo. You can send your suggestions to mail: [email protected]