Human Village

Human Village is a strategy game about building and resources management.

Human Village is a strategy game about resources management and building. You create and manage a village inhabited by human villagers in a randomly generated natural area filled with resources.

Your main aim is to raise the population of your village while keeping the happiness of your villagers high.

Villagers will initially only consume Food, but with population growth you'll need to provide them with Wine (which needs a Tavern to be distributed) and Temples to worship their gods. They will also consume Wood during Winter. If one of these resources goes missing, your villager's happiness will go down. If it reaches 0, you will be dethroned.

The game is currently under development and it may have some issues.

Current Version: 0.2.0

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Would love to see a gameplay video of this. How do you create your map and how do your people find their way around? I have dabbled in this kind of game a bit and hit some barriers, that's why I'm asking.