Lost Golem

Wander as a giant creature made of stone in a world ever changing to find those you have lost.

As a lumbering giant of stone you wander the land and have to be careful to not destroy everything in your way. Every now and than you have to lie down and sleep and the world changes and every choice you made will have an impact. Forests grow or wither, humans wage war or settle peacefully.

Golems are the first species and they live because of crystals that grow in their body. Through harvesting the land, taking its energy, they can create more of them. These crystals are something akin to magic and can bring destruction or life. The oldest of the golems have experimented with life but with only a few species to show for. These species are called creatures and are violent and not interested in creating life themselves.

Every time a golem looses his last crystal or he creates a new one, he falls into a deep sleep and awakens years later. In this time the world will change based upon their actions but also some randomness. Sleep is an important feature since you cannot avoid it for very long and you have to decide carefully, what to do.

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