Minion Cannon - Spinner Legend Run

Addictive catapult game with bouncy minions and cute levels filled with bubbles.

* Shoot minions out of a cannon and see how far they will bounce. * There are obstacles and boosters on the way! Keep your eyes open. * Choose between many cool looking minions in this endless addictive adventure. * Catch food, stars, power ups, upgrades with your minion. * Minion eats everything ... Except spikes and boosters

Features * 30 unique characters to shoot out of a cannon * Endless amount of levels to finish * All levels are procedural generated and almost endless ! * Tons of cool bubbly bubbles to pop * Several bouncy boosters, to shoot you up into the sky * Many different spikes to end your run * Bombs with explosive consequences, that push you forward * Lots of permanent speed and health upgrades to acquire * Must have power ups to get you out of a sticky situation, and help you reach the finish line * Plus much more to secrets to discover This game has been created just for You by a single indie game developer.

Shoot minions out of a cannon : Tap on the cannon once, to start aiming. Tap again, the cannon shoots and the adventure begins.

Bubble popper : When minion collides with the food in the bubble, it immediately eats it. You have the ability to pop bubbles, so that they would fall right to the minion's mouth. This bouncy adventure can last a lot longer with a full belly

Aim for the boosters : Hitting the boosters is the only way you can get to the finish. It might not work out the first time. Luckily we have procedural generation, that gives a unique experience every time. Boosters push you up and forward

Avoid spikes : Spikes take some amount of damage. If you lose all your health, the journey ends. Bombs take damage, but the blast pushes you forward

Minions : You just have to see all of those cool looking minions.They like bouncing ... It's the spikes they don't like.

Power Ups : Feather : Gives you an immediate boost forward. Good for catching a booster or star. Armor : Makes you invulnerable for 10 seconds. Choose wisely, when to activate it. Magnet : While active, pulls in all the good stuff. Like food, stars, upgrades, powerups.

Acquire upgrades : Some levels have a heart or speed icon on them. These levels have an upgrade floating around. You might not catch it with the first try, but don't worry, it'll wait for you. Speed : Permanent speed increase. Health : Permanent health increase.

Unlock Achievements : Unlocking achievements is a great way of seeing your current progress.

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