Survive Decay

The ultimate isometric zombie apocalypse survival simulation game


Dev update 2 – Job system done, resource generatio

Dev update 2 – Job system done, resource generatio

The job system is done for now. As a test job woodcutting is now fully functional. It’s pretty easy to add new jobs to the system like scavenging, hunting, farm

Survive Decay is an isometric simulation/management game where you are in control of a group of survivors. The timeline starts shortly after the outbreak. At this time there are still a lot of survivors around. Slowly over time the world decays away. More survivors die and turn and the world as we know it withers away. Buildings and infrastructure break down, supplies become more scarce and the survivors lose their humanity.

It is your task to guide your survivor(s) through aversity and challenge. Survive Decay is a simulation game where you are free to do as you wish. Do you want to create a large settlement where all good humans are safe, produce their own supplies and fend off hordes? Or are you a lone wolf sitting it all out in your shelter sometimes going on runs for supplies? Try out any strategy you can think of!

You can tell your survivor(s) to do various tasks such as scavenging for supplies, barricading, building and expanding your camp, farming for food, raiding or trading with other camps and much more! Try to hold out as long as you can and maybe there is a small chance you’ll survive the end of the world.