Tank Island

Tank Island is an open source 2D top down shooter game that was created with Ruby using Gosu game development library while writing "Developing Games with Ruby"

Book: Developing Games With Ruby

Complete process of building this game is described step by step in this free to read book:

Developing Games With Ruby


Before installing, make sure you have:

  • Ruby installed, preferably through rbenv, not rvm.
  • ImageMagick (gem install rmagick should work).
  • Gosu prerequisites for Mac, Linux or Windows

To install it, run

$ gem install tank_island

Starting the game

There are several ways to start the game.

Running in 800x600 window mode

$ tank_island

Running with custom resolution

$ w=1600 h=1200 tank_island

Running full screen with custom resolution

$ fs=1 w=1200 h=800 tank_island



  • W A S D moves your tank.
  • Mouse left click shoots.
  • ESC goes into menu and away from it.


  • R respawns your tank.
  • T spawns an enemy tank under mouse cursor.
  • F1 enters debug mode.
  • F2 toggles profiling