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Sam the Squirrel DevLog: Prologue

My name's gamemaster468. And my big magnum opus goal at the current moment, is to make a 3D platformer game, in the vane of the PS2 era of platformers.

Mind blowing procedural generation in C#

Bitmap & tilemap generation from a single example with the help of ideas from quantum mechanics.

Starting today, Project Pivot will be developed as open source:

Academia : School Simulator Dev Blog #1

We just announced our new game, Academia : School Simulator!

Thirteen Years of Bad Game Code

A worthy read for anyone who is into game programming.

Project Pivot Week 3

Showcase of progress after 3 weeks of work on Project Pivot. Enemies roam and follow player, you can shoot things and dig walls.

Playing around with pixel shaders

Playing around with pixel shaders

Testing out bloom shader, looks much better than plain tilemap.

Chronosaur Early Gameplay

first gameplay video for Chronosaur

After trying out Gosu, C++ (SDL2, SFML),, Unreal and Unity, I have settled with MonoGame. Max productivity at low enough level. Perfect for 2D games.

Bringing flowers to my wife gamedev style

Game Hero members are now able to comment on posts, games, studios and classifieds.

Game Hero Minigame

Took a sidestep from developing Game Hero features to build a minigame. That was so much fun, really proud of it. Still needs a lot of polish and details.

Untitled School Simulation Pre-Alpha Devlog 1

Hi! We're Squeaky Wheel, an indie PC game studio in the Philippines. This is a A devlog of our upcoming game in its current state. If you think you'd be interes